Mista releases new album titled ‘Cesty Života’

Mista - Cesty Života
Mista – Cesty Života

Mista returns with a brand new album entitled ‘Cesty Života’ (Ways of Life). It is her most person and emotional album so far featuring nine original compositions.

Eight of the tracks each have a music video with an involved and enlightening story. Mista has been taking her time before releasing the album and wanted to make sure the story in each video was accurate and fitted the story of the lyrics by director Tomáš Krejčí.

The album also includes the song Emotions that Mista finished in second place with in the Slovakian Eurovision national selection in 2010.

The ‘Cesty Života’ music is composed by Stano Šimor, the Czech/Belgian respected music producer.
Mista is gearing herself for a concert tour to accompany the new album, which will be in the first half of 2020.
You can see two of the video clips below – Kam ísť (Where to go) and Sme tu len raz (We are here only once). The album can purchased or streamed via digital stores such as Google Play, iTunes and Spotify.
Source: ESC Covers


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