Mista releases Kam ísť for summer of 2017

Mista - Kam ísť

Mista – Kam ísť

Mista has released a brand new single entitled in the Czech language Kam ísť (Where to go). It is a mellow acoustic sounding track with a nice melody that is perfect for those lazy summer days. It is a follow up to the successful Sme Tu Len Raz.

Kam ísť  is composed Stano Šimor, Mista and Vlado Krausz. The music video is directed by Tomáš Krejčí with production by Carolina Giacomin and Jiří Košťál. Camera and editing by Nina Ščamborová and second camera is Jakub Brode Hlaváček. Makeup by Marta Šantorová with colour grading by Vojtěch Štětka.

Stano Šimor with DJ Ondray recently had one of their songs with Vocalizr and vocals by Stella Rhymes entitled Escalate used in the popular Netflix tv show Sense8.

You can see the music video for Kam ísť below.

Source: ESC Covers




  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Easy on the ear song

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