Mista releases brand new song – ‘Sme Tu Len Raz’


Mista is back with a brand new song for the spring of 2017. It is entitled Sme Tu Len Raz (We are here only once). It is a hypnotic pop/rock song sung in Czech with a nice rhythm and melodic guitar instrumental breaks.

The music and lyrics are by Mista, Stano Šimor and Vlado Krausz. The band players are Mista, Stano Šimor and Vlado Krausz. The guitar arrangement is by Henry Tóth. The production is by Stano Šimor.

Mista was a popular contestant in the 2010 Slovakian Eurovision national selection finishing in second place.

You can see the official video for Sme Tu Len Raz below.

Source: ESC Covers


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