Malta: Focus on Michela and ‘Chameleon’


Michela {copyright: PBS}

Michela {copyright: PBS}

Michela released her long awaited Eurovision song for Malta, Chameleon, and the music video this week. Let us focus on Michela and her upbeat and quirky song and video.

A lot of people were expecting a ballad and so it is a nice surprise (particularly in a Eurovision where there are a lot of serious songs) that Michela gives us this happy vibe with a contemporary and radio friendly song. Chameleon has a Latin and reggaetón feel and you can imagine listening and dancing to this on the beach during the summer.

Chameleon is composed and produced by the Symphonics team, who have been very successful at Eurovision in recent years. Let us hope that record continues in Israel. The song was recorded and mixed in Austria, Sweden and Malta.

The video clip is beautifully produced and was filmed entirely in Malta courtesy of the broadcaster, PBS.

Michela will now focus on her promotion for Chameleon over the weeks leading up to the Eurovision in Tel Aviv in May.

Michela won the X Factor in Malta and gained massive popularity with her crystal clear and soulful vocals. Prior to the X Factor, Michela had success in competitions in Lithuania and spent some time in England working on her development as an artist. She even worked with a producer of Rihanna.

You can see the video for Chameleon below as well as some of Michela’s highlights from the X Factor tv series.

Source: PBS; ESC Covers