Lucia Casani has big success at ‘Baqytty Bala 2023’ festival in Kazakhstan

Lucia Casani has won the top prize at the ‘Baqytty Bala 2023’ festival. She was representing Spain at the prestigious event held in Aqtobe, Kazakhstan.

Lucia performed two songs. The first one was Creo en mi (I believe in myself) by Natalia Jiménez. The second song she sang was the evergreen standard Unchained Melody.

Lucia is a talented young Spanish singer and has already participated successfully in competitions such as Idol Kids and La Voz Kids. She was also victorious at the ‘Ezerski biseri’ festival in North Macedonia in 2022.

Congratulations to Lucia on her success. You can see a little clip of her performing at the festival below.

Source: ESC Covers; Sergi Fdez; Baqytty Bala festival


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