Look Who Dropped in!

Roy with Sanna Neilsen

Roy with Sanna Neilsen

So while Roy was busy working hard he seized the opportunity to present Sanna Neilsen, who is commentating for Sweden, with the Afrikaans cover of her song UNDO by Linda Kilian.

Tamás Vámos

Tamás Vámos

Fan Tamás Vámos dropped in waving the two fan postcards he created for artists this year.

The Fan Desk 1

Hard at work at the Fan Desk

Fan Desk MakeMakes

And then look who dropped by? The MakeMakes.


And then we said hi to Monika Kuszyńska who is representing Poland this year.


Finally, the Cover CDs that Roy created especially to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Eurovision are very popular. The two winners enjoy them, Stefan and Enrico.


robert Ilseth

And another winner, Robert Ilseth from Norway.


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Thanks Jeff for all this work. It was a great 3 hours at the fan stand.

  2. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Stefan is from AUSTRIA and Enrico is from ITALY

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