Our second entry comes from Armin Duttle from Switzerland.
The visit of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev  Ukraine happened at the end of my holiday in the Ukraine.
Because I have a penfriend friend in Ukraine, I thought it would be nice to combine a visit to him and Eurovision,
I got tickets for the Friday evening dress rehearsal for both of us (I bought the tickets from a colleague of my
penfriend).The tickets for the finale were too expensive, so we had to settle for the Friday night show.
My penfriend does not live in Kievm so one day before the Friday show, we came to Kiev. Of course we visited the place around the arena,
where the ESC would happen. There was so many flags and posters everywhere to see in the streets of the center of the city, especially around the ( now famous ) Maiden square.
The dress rehearsal show was  great and happened without problems. The real highlight of the evening was the appearance  of the Klitschko brothers!
We stayed near the venue and were able to walk to the flat after the show.
It was in the flat there we watched the next night the final. Kyiv_Palace_of_Sports

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