Listen to the new release by Marta Rak – ‘Ne tvoya’

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Marta Rak has released a hot new track for the dance floors called Ne tvoya (Not yours). It has a powerful beat and strong production and Marta’s vocals are smooth and crystal clear.

Ne tvoya is composed by Marta Rak herself. The production of the music is by Maryan Glova and Ostap Panchyshyn. The track is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores such as Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Spotify.

Marta composed another song earlier in 2020 called Milyony kilometriv (Millions of kilometers). The song showed her versatility as a songwriter with the charming ballad.

Marta was a member of Sympho-Nick who represented Ukraine at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Priyde Vesna. She was also a popular contestant on The Voice of Ukraine (season 8) as part of the team of Tina Karol (2006 ESC Ukraine).

You can see the official lyric video for Ne tvoya below and also Milyony kilometriv.

Source: ESC Covers

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