Listen to Manw Robin perform a new Christmas Carol – ‘Mae’r Nadolig Ynom Ni’

manw carol

Manw Robin has recorded a charming new Christmas Carol called Mae’r Nadolig Ynom Ni (Christmas is within us). The Carol is very appropriate in view of the tribulations and difficult challenges facing us all this Christmas time. “The true meaning of Christmas is inside each and every one of us and we should share peace and goodwill more than ever – the little angel twinkles in the window, so wave and smile at it and share the love in these difficult times”. 

Mae’r Nadolig Ynom Ni’ has been entered in to a special competition called ‘Côr-ona’. This is an initiative created during lockdown on Facebook promoting goodwill and well-being via music in Wales. It is written by Mei Mac, who is a respected Welsh bard, and Gethin Tomos, performer and songwriter.

Manw represented Wales at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk with the delightful Perta.

You can hear Mae’r Nadolig Ynom Ni below and also see Manw sing the Carol on  (1) Facebook (it would be great if you could like and share this). Manw, Mei and Gethin hope to collaborate again in 2021 to release more new music.

Mae’r Nadolig Ynom Ni by Mei Mac (




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