For the entire month of February, ESC Covers will take every day a South African artist/group/duo on a virtual tour to Europe. We will visit 28 countries.

Day 27 (our second last day) takes us to LUXEMBOURG. This country won the Eurovision song contest several times but in the 90’s they withdrew and has not returned since.

The artists who will be “touring” there, are RIAAN HUNTER and JANNIE MOOLMAN. Although they are both solo artists, they teamed up together to pay tribute to GE KORSTEN, one of the biggest South African singers (born in Rotterdam, but emigrated with his parents to South Africa when he was 4 years old).  Ge tragically died when he committed suicide. Ge recorded the original cover in 1973 of the Luxembourg winner and had a big hit with it.

So Riaan and Jannie decided to cover also the 1973 LUXEMBOURG Eurovision winner TU TE RECONNAITRAS of Anne-Marie David. The cover is called LIEFLIKE DROOM (Beautiful dream).

In spirit Ge will be “touring” with them and hopefully they will meet up with Anne-Marie David.

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