For the entire month of February, ESC Covers will take every day a South African artist/group/duo on a virtual tour to Europe. We will visit 28 countries.

Day 25 takes us to GERMANY. The artist who will be “touring” there, is ANDRE SCHWARTZ. He is currently not well so a “virtual” tour is ideal for him.

Andre Schwartz covered the 1985 Eurovision entry from GERMANY FUR ALLE by Wind.  This song ended in second place at the Eurovision song contest. Hanna Haller composed it.  Andre Schwartz’s cover is called LIEF VIR ALLES HIER (In love with everything here). The song was a big hit and is still regarded as a classic Afrikaans song.

In the top 100 we are doing, FUR ALLE came out today as number 27 in the top 100.

Furthermore the German Eurovision entry for 2021 was released today and maybe Andre can encourage someone to cover it?

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