Lana set for hot summer hit with ‘Ludo Ljeto’

Lana Jurčević  {copyright: Croatia Records}

Lana Jurčević {copyright: Croatia Records Music}

Lana Jurčević follows up her recent duet with Luka Nižetić with a brand new song set to be a big Balkan summer hit. It is entitled Ludo Ljeto (Crazy summer). The song is an upbeat feelgood summer song with a beautifully shot video to accompany. Lana will also participate in the CMC Music Festival in Croatia with the song.

Lana was a former participant at the 2004 Croatian Dora competition with her song Prava istina. Lana has since gone on to produce many top hits in Croatia and the Balkan countries. It would be great to see Lana once again try for the Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see the video for Ludo Ljeto below.

Source:; Lana Jurčević/Official You Tube Channel

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