Lana & Luka release new single – Od najgorih najbolji

Lana Jurčević & Luka Nižetić {copyright: Croatia Records Music}

Lana Jurčević & Luka Nižetić {copyright: Croatia Records Music}

Two former participants at the Croatian Dora festival have released a duet together. Lana Jurčević and Luka Nižetić have released  Od najgorih najbolji (From the best of the worst).

Lana is a very popular singer in Croatia and the Balkans and has had many hits. She participated in the Dora selection in 2004 with her song Prava istina.

Luka has also had much success in his homeland and he also participated at the Dora selection including his song Proljeće in 2005.

Od najgorih najbolji is a classy Croatian pop rock ballad with a passionate video to accompany. You can see the video below.

Source: Lana – Facebook official;



  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Pity Croatia is not in Vienna, this would have added another duet

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