Junior Eurovision Feb round up – Ranina to return for 4th Season

Several countries countries have now confirmed their participation at Junior Eurovision 2021.  Those who have confirmed they will be in France later in the year are:

  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Spain

Georgia has also confirmed the the popular show ‘Ranina’ will return for a 4th season after previously selecting winning contestants Tamar Edilashvili (2018) – Giorgi Rostiashvili (2019) and Sandra Gadelia (2020)

In a brief announcement today (March 2nd) 1TV Georgia put out an application form for contestants to apply to appear in the show.

 No official statement has been made yet regarding Junior Eurovision selection, but it is almost certain that the winner of the show will once again go on to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2021.

You can watch the 3 previous Ranina winners perform together below:



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