Three special Eurovision shows have been scheduled  for the first 3 Saturdays in May.

According to RTL news, the first three Saturday evenings of May at SBS6 are all about the Eurovision Song Contest.

First Gerard Ekdom (43) updates our musical knowledge with ‘De Radio 10 Songfestivalquiz’ and immediately afterwards Jeroen van der Boom (48) receives special musical guests in ‘The Best Songs of the Songfestival’.

Jeroen is known as one of the three members of DE TOPPERS, who represented the Netherlands at the 2009 Eurovision song contest in Moscow with SHINE.

In every episode of  The Best Songs of the Song Contest  , Jeroen receives three special artists at his famous white piano, including Tino Martin, Ruth Jacott, OG3NE, Gerard Joling, Anita Meyer and Glennis Grace. Jeroen wants to know what their favorite Eurovision songs are from all his guests.

Naturally, Jeroen and his guests sing many of these Eurovision songs, but there is also a special guest appearance: an international Eurovision winner comes along with his or her winning Eurovision song.

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