Iru Khechanova performs Chinese song ‘Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ’

Iru Khechanova {copyright: 4U}

Iru Khechanova {copyright: 4U}

Iru Khechanova performed a charming ballad in the Chinese language entitled Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ (Suddenly I miss you). Iru performed the song for the Georgia multi media channel 4U.

Iru was a member of Candy, who won the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia in 2011 with Candy Music. She has since blossomed in to a very talented singer and dancer with a really bubbly and happy personality.

To sing a whole song in Chinese shows us another side of Iru. Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ is beautifully interpreted with crystal clear vocals and the song has a sweet melody.

We look forward to hearing more music from Iru in the future.

You can see Iru perform Túrán hǎo xiǎng nǐ below.

Source: ESC Covers

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