Ireland: Nicky Byrne press conference

Nicky Byrne {copyright: ESC Covers}

Nicky Byrne {copyright: ESC Covers}

Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland with Sunlight. He gave his second press conference of the week. He was satisfied with his performance. He admitted he had a problem with a certain note in previous rehearsals. But finally Nicky was happy.

Nicky has just released a brand new album and also confirmed the Westlife boys, Shane and Mark have been supportive in recent days.


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    The cover of the Irish song SOMERSON (Summersun) is ready and I gave given it to a few radio stations to play. Unfortunately Nicky has been unable to listen to it as yet, he has been very in demand from the press and fan sites.

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