INTERVIEW – SERHAT, representing San Marino

INFE Cyprus interviewed Serhat and we are publishing that interview since ESC Covers has San Marino 5th in its rankings of the 2019 songs.

1. How do you feel about representing San Marino again?

It’s a big honor for me to represent San Marino for the second time at ESC. The love and trust of San Marino in me gives me a big responsibility. I will carry the Sammarinese flag with dignity and respect.
2. Why did you decide to return to the contest? What will you earn from this experience again?

To be honest I was not thinking to go back to the contest until San Marino TV asked me. I was too busy with my coming album. My first reaction at the telephone was “If we have a good song, I will do it.” I was in Cologne at that time. After 5 minutes I called them back and said. “We have the song”. Because I wrote the song directly after this telephone call on the streets of Cologne.

To be second time at the contest is a little bit different. You are more experienced and stronger than the first time. My expectation is to enjoy it in maximum and sing Say Na Na Na with millions.
3. You said in a previous interview that your song is an open hug to everyone. Could you tell us some things about it and how you composed it?

Say Na Na Na is an invitation to celebrate life. It gives hope and happiness to everyone. We all need and deserve it always but especially in these days. The inspiration came from a great musical movie “Sound of Music. There is a fantastic song sung by unique Julie Andrews “My favorite things”. The song tells, if you are afraid just think of good things which make you happy. I wrote the song with this universal approach to life. You are not alone, be a hero be the rainbow… And Say Na Na Na….

4. We would like you to remind us some pieces of your important career.

“Je M’adore” was 2015 in German dance charts Nr 1, 5 weeks in a row,in British Dance charts Nr 2… After ESC 2016 “I didn’t know” became the first ESC song entered the official Billboard Dance Charts after many years and became 25. The new version of “Total Disguise” with my dear friend Helena Paparizou was in many countries of the world a top ten hit.

5. We know that smaller countries have a difficulty getting to the final because of their small population. Are you ready to bring San Marino back to the final?

In the past it was normal that a small country like Monaco or Luxembourg wins. But many things have changed. Now the social media is king and can create any kind of atmosphere around the entry with different criteria without paying much for the song itself. A big country with big population has of course more supporters for its entry and create an image as if it is beloved by everyone. Maybe this is not the reality but numbers don’t lie for many people. That’s why a small country must start as last and has to climb stairs slowly. I, my team, all my supporters and San Marino, we all believe in our song.

6. What is the taste your first performance at Eurovision left you in 2016 with ‘I didn’t know?

Even though we didn’t enjoy it to the final, the song reached the 25th place to the Dance Club Songs charts!

Before coming to ESC 2016 I was more enthusiastic because my music was and is global, not only for the contest. I expected more appreciation at 2016 but it was less than my expectation. I am very glad to proof that I was not wrong with I didn’t know, even the song got very few votes. It became the only song of that year entered so many charts in the world and also USA Billboard Dance Charts. It showed me again that I am on the right way. And this was a light for me for 2019. I am going my way again.

7. Which is the deep connection between you and San Marino?

It started at 2016 with the first contest collaboration. And it got strong, so we became a big family. In San Marino I feel like at home.

8. One of your favorite Eurovision songs?

I have so many favorite songs: .Bandido by Azucar Moreno, Hora by Avi Toledano, Every Way That I Can by Sertab Erener, My Number One by Helena Paparizou, La Fiesta Termino by Paloma San Basilio, Mono I Agapi by Anna Vissi … This is a long list.

9. A message for our readers

Never forget, life is beautiful and fine! And there is always a light somewhere waiting for you. Say Na Na Na.


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