Morten Thomassen looked at the breaks between the 3 Eurovision 2022 shows and picked his highlight.

Since the organizers of ESC have become very fond of long break features plus that it sometimes takes a very long time to clear one issue and drive the equipment to the next issue, we got a total of three broadcasts that lasted quite close to 9 hours .

There were thus plenty of break points and when you have to choose one moment from these 9 hours, it is perhaps no wonder that you end up with one of them.

Well, I really struggle between two of them, it was great to have a reunion with the lady who won ESC the year I was born, Gigliola Cinquetti, she is after all 75 years old and her song is still beautiful.

But, while she was just standing straight up and down on stage, it was an artist who did not get the chance to sing her song in 2020 Diodato that probably made the most impression.

I think all the other 2020 artists who have not yet had the chance to participate in ESC felt a touch of envy when our Italian friend got to be the main break feature in the first semifinal.

And it must have gone cold down the back of anyone and everyone when the whole hall sang along at the beginning of the song and it did not get colder down the back when he went to the dancers and made the song “Fai Rumore” if possible even more intense than it already is .

This was a great tribute to all the victims of the corona epidemic and possibly also a kind of statement of support to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The song’s title means make noise in Norwegian and what to say, I would like more noise of this kind.

And much shorter break elements, they are too long as they are now, a couple of songs should last and let’s get rid of all the talk.

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