Girl Power at JESC

In 2018, a record 20 countries participated in the Junior Eurovision song contest in Minsk and even the most casual viewer couldn’t have failed to notice that the vast majority of the performers were female.

Taylor Hines (Ireland), Noam Dadon (Israel) Daniel Yastremski (Belerus) and L.E.V.O.N (Armenia) were the only solo male artists, with Max Albertazzi (Max and Anne/Netherlands) and Marco Bonni (Melissa and Marco/Italy) bringing the total number of male artists to 6.

Looking back at recent contests we also find a similar situation:
Tblisi 2017- 16 Entries – 3 male solo, 1 boy band
Malta 2016 – 17 Entries – 2 Male solo – 1 Male/Female duo

Similarly, if we look at the winning entries, in the 16 years the contest has been running, only 5 male solo artists and Giorgi Shiolashvili; who was a member of the winning trio Bzikebi, have taken home the winners prize.

For the 2019 contest, we currently have 3 confirmed male artists, but with the upcoming national selections all being; once again, dominated by female entrants, It’s highly likely that girl power will once again be evident in Poland.

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts? Why do you think it is that there are so few male entries in the Junior competition?

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