The Hornettes were established in 1980, originally with Gitta Walther , Dagmar Hellberg , Lucy Neale (aka Lucy O’Day) and Christina Harrison . Except Hellberg, all the others were previously members of the 1978 band Love Generation . They got Reiner Pietsch to produce their first record.Late during 1980, Dagmar Hellberg left and was replaced by Linda G. Thompson . In 1981, the quartet was in the German preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest with the Ralph Siegel composed song MANNEQUIN and reached the second place. The lyrics was written by Bernd Meinunger and this remains the most successful of all Hornettes releases and was twelve weeks in the German music charts with a top ranking at No. 27. In the same year they released Waikiki Tamoure, also produced by Ralph Siegel. This song spent six weeks more in the German charts, but only reached place 52. In 1982, their debut album We Are on the Way appeared on Jupiter Records. In 1983, the quartet with the song Hello, Mr. Radio appeared in the Austrian preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest in and took third place.


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