Georgia: What is Mariam Mamadashvili up to these days?

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Mariam Mamadashvili charmed a lot of people when she won the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia with the beautiful song, Mzeo. Her powerful and crystal clear vocals won the hearts of the judges and public in Malta and around the world.

So, what is Mariam up to these days? Well she is currently residing in the USA and is studying at the Broadway Method Academy.

Earlier this year Mariam performed in a Broadway production of the popular musical, Annie, where she played the character, Daffy. For those of us who remember Mariam singing Mzeo, a lot of us imagined her to go on and perform in musicals and this was a great experience for her performing and learning from some of the best Broadway stars.

Most recently Mariam audition for a part in the musical Xanadu, and she has been chosen to play the lead role of Kira. She is currently very busy with rehearsals. She even has to dance and sing whilst on roller skates. Certainly a big challenge but I am sure Mariam will ‘nail it’. Xanadu will run on 10, 11, 12 May.

Mariam will perform on 6 May at a classical music evening in New York City. The classical Italian artist, Alessandro Benigni will play the piano for Mariam. So, she is showing much versatility with her singing (show music, pop and classical).

Mariam also auditioned to take part in the HBO Movie, The Plot Against America. She was chosen for a small role. It is going to be big production, so, she is really excited to be taking part in this project too.

As you can see Mariam is a very busy girl and of course she has to do her important school studies along side her singing and acting. She is doing a great job. Good luck to Mariam. I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of her in the near future.

Let us look back at Mariam’s memorable performance at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Mzeo below.

Source: ESC Covers




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