Georgia Junior Eurovision Selection show ‘Ranina’ To go ahead after delay

Georgia 1TV today announced that the Junior Eurovision selection show ‘Ranina’ will be returning to screens in the near future.

After initially announcing the artists taking part and a start date of late March, the show was put on hold as the Covid 19 pandemic locked down the country.

We look forward to Georgia once again kicking off the Junior Eurovision selection season when the show restarts in the coming weeks.


The confirmed artists are:

Top row left to right

Cecil Thurmanidze Female 10
Veronica Shamugia Female 12
Sandra Gadelia Female 9
Rati Gelovan Male 10
Gio Gogiashvili Male 8
Marita Khvedelidze Female 11
Nikoloz Reddit Male 10

Bottom row left to right

Shio Kavsadze Male 10
Nia Khinchikashvili Female 12
Lela Kveniashvili Female 10


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    hopefully all the children are virus free

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