Former Junior Eurovision contestants release round-up



Several former recent Junior Eurovision stars have been busy lately with a slew of new releases.

2018 contestants Efi Gjika and Darina Krasnovetska  have both recently released cover versions of popular songs:

Aug 1st saw Efi Gjika drop a slick new video for her fun cover of Ava Max ‘Salt’ on her YouTube channel and a week earlier Darina Krasnovetska showcased her hugely impressive vocal talents with a cover of the Lady Gaga/Bradley Walsh song ‘Shallow’

2019 contestant Melanie has also been busy with the release of her new song ‘Grita Conmigo’

Also from 2019, Sophia Ivanko (Sophy Ivy), followed up the release of her impressive debut album with a live stream performance of the whole album.



  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    Yes they were indeed busy with new songs

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