Federica Falzon: Some performances since 2014 Junior Eurovision

Fedrica Falzon {copyright: TVM/PBS}

Fedrica Falzon {copyright: TVM/PBS}

Federica Falzon charmed everyone with her magnificent performance of Diamonds, when she represented Malta at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Her amazing pop/operatic vocals captivated the watching public.

Since Junior Eurovision, Federica has continued to record and perform in concerts and on tv. Here you can see some performances of Federica. First of all is a special duet of Con Te Partirò (Un Mondo da Amare) with Vincenzo Carne on RAI 1 tv in Italy, where Andrea Bocelli listened in on a big screen on the stage.

Next we see Federica cover Un Bel Di Vedremo (the pop lyric arrangement by Malena Ernman, who represented Sweden at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with La Voix). This performance was when Federica was a special guest at the 2015 Malta Junior Eurovision selection show.


Finally we see a unique video of Federica performing Diamonds with a live orchestra at a special show of Amber, who represented Malta at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. We now await for more exciting and new songs and shows by Federica.


  1. Joseph Bonnici says:

    Thank you … this is a fine trilogy that links Federica Falzon to the great Andrea Bocelli and Malena Ernmann and paves the way for a future that shines like ‘Diamonds’! With best wishes to a young artist who has captured the heart of her audiences with her charming personality and humble attitude!

  2. Anthony Vella says:

    To all Maltese this young talented pop/opera singer is a treasure, a wonder, a joy to meet and see and most of all to hear her sing. Her voice is so powerful and if you hear her sing on radio you do not belief that this is a young girl 12 years or less. From a small nation Malta, a little flower from the south with the name of Federica is growing slowly and one day we hope that this flower would be seen and heard in more international musical events.

  3. “Diamonds” is my favorite ever JESC entry and I await the day for when Frederica Falzon graces the ESC stage! As long as she is doing covers, can I put in a request for “Cvet Z Juga” (Slovenia 2007)? I think this song is a better fit for Falzon’s voice and style than anything by Malena Ernman.

  4. Federica live at 10 years old Cvet Zjuga
    Federica 11 years oldhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wCe36NemRj0

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