ESC COVERS started to look at 1 or 2 highlights from every Eurovision song contest from 1970 to 2023. This may be an actual entry, a cover from that year or just a specific artist.

Today it is 1973. Luxembourg hosted after winning in 1972 and won again, becoming the second country to win two years in a row after Spain. Anne-Marie David won with Tu te reconnaitras.

Talking of Spain, the real highlight of 1973 is the entry from Spain. ERES TU by MOCEDADES came second, just 4 points behind Luxembourg. The song really became a classic and I think most fans regard it as Spain’s best ever entry.

1973 was a great year for covers in South  Africa. Both the Luxembourg and Spanish songs were covered several times, both in English and Afrikaans and became hits.

GE KORSTEN, who was the number 1 male singer in South Africa at the time, covered both songs and even one other 1973 song, Germany.


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