Today Morten Thomassen looks at the British group BELLE & THE DEVOTIONS and what they wore in 1984. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

When you look back to the 80s, you will probably remember high shoulders in terms of fashion and that there were no restrictions on which colors were used.

The more colorful and in some cases glaring, the better it was obviously and as we saw with Bobbysocks maybe with a little flirtation with the 50s too.

An excellent candidate in that sense is thus the British group Belle & The Devotions.

Now it is true that the rumors say that the two girls in The Devotions, Laura and Linda, did not sing, the choristers did, who were hidden behind the stage so that no one could see them, well exactly in the opening picture you can see it behind a pillar on the far left of the picture.

In other words, their job was to look pretty together with Belle, whose real name was Kit Rolfe.

Madam Rolf herself had been a chorister for the British contribution herself and had been hidden away in the orchestra pit the year before so this was obviously something she thought should be part of the game and don’t you think she was quite hidden in 1991 when she did her second chorister job for the home country.

The costumes that I was really going to talk about were in neon colors and as if that wasn’t enough, they had gone to the hairdresser and dyed their hair too.

A colorful affair that you can see and actually a little indication of what was going to win the year after, were there glitter jackets they should have had perhaps to win themselves?

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