Today Morten goes back in time to 1958 to look at what kind of dress the Swedish entry for that year wore. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

When you make a series like this you have to deal with the whole ESC history and today I go back all the way to 1958 when our Swedish friends made their debut in our beloved competition and they did so with one of their leading artists Alice Babs.

She sang the song “Lilla Stjärna” and just like Norway, Sweden made its debut with a 4th place on its first attempt.

At the time, great gala dresses were the thing on TV, but Hildur Alice Nilsson made a perhaps unexpected choice in the area of ​​costume.

She chose a national costume and it is from the Leksand area in Dalarna.

The suit looks like this in colour:

In the era of black-and-white TV, it was actually pretty cool to show up with something that had a lot of pattern on it, it was thought to be quite messy on the screen and what the person was wearing didn’t quite look right.

This is exactly what Nora Brockstedt showed when two years later she showed up in a modified Sami costume that “lacked” all colors and was mostly only beige in colour.

Back to Alice Babs, she did not agree on the lyrics to be used on the melody she performed and for that reason she never recorded this song.

Because the song was actually called “Samma Stjärnor Lysa För Oss Två” where the lyrics were written by the composer Åke Gerhard, but with new lyrics written by Gunnar Wersén, the composer just as well forbade any form of publication of his song.

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