Morten Thomassen looks today at a Norwegian artist and what costume she wore. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

We must have an iconic costume from a Norwegian ESC participant and it would have been easy to imagine that the pink glitter jackets of Bobbysocks would have been an obvious candidate here.

But we’ve seen exactly those jackets so many times, so I’ll go for another sparkling costume that we got to see nine years before rose glitter became our thing at ESC.

We are going back to that gentleman’s year 1976 and our participant was called Anne Karine Strøm.

She was to sing a fabled Mata Hari, a woman perhaps best known for her seductive qualities.

And what is more seductive than a trouser suit in glittering gold that fitted our representative like a glove.

I would probably say that this was Anne Karine Strøm was the first Norwegian artist who really cared about what she should wear when she had the Norwegian colors on her chest.

And she really gave us her dose of pop star sprinkles when she performed her songs internationally.

The fact that all she got in return from Europe was last place they can take on their mantle, in my world she reigns supreme on the costume front among Norwegian ESC participants.

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