Today Morten Thomassen looked at a duo that wore black suits. They are from Israel. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Actually, it is against all common sense that in a series about ESC costumes I include two men in what looks like a single black suit, I am known for liking colorful clothes, but these suits in particular have something iconic about them .

As early as 1980, the somewhat iconic film Blues Brothers came out and it was from this film that the Israeli duo Datner & Kushnir undoubtedly drew inspiration for what they wore.

In the same way as in the film, the duo appeared suitably relaxed for the job they were to do on stage when they sang the song “Shir Habatlahim”.

The title itself escaped most Norwegians, but during the summer there were probably many who hummed the stanza “Hoppa-Hoppa-Hulle-Hulle” and perhaps didn’t quite know where they got it from.

Lazy Bums, as this duo also called themselves, actually caused quite a stir in their home country.

It was so “bad” that the country’s culture minister threatened to resign if Israeli TV did not broadcast a contribution other than this satirical nonsense.

Like most politicians, he nevertheless forgot to follow through on his promise when the international final in Brussels took place and the whole of Europe thus got to experience our friends in dark suits.

And in retrospect, many who have performed an ESC song have probably chosen this particular one, as it does not require too extravagant costumes and has a relatively light choreography and a song with a high sing-along factor.

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