1. This song was not my favorite Melodifestivalen song, but, I can certainly understand the broad appeal. Justin Bieber-like adorability… catchy lyrics, and now we can all sing our apologies! The arena went absolutely ballistic during his performance and the energy of the crowd was infectious. Definitely fun and fantastic performance. The only thing that I head comments on was his choice of pronunciations. But whatever, I was entertained.

  2. With my top three songs not even making into final Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and not been able to vote for Australia since am from Australia.I was hoping Frans was gonna do a double win for Sweden, I like the song If I Were Sorry its got a good upbeat tempo and has catchy lyrics. Being Sweden’s entry for 2016 the whole crowd were cheering for him it gave me goose bumps, With all that was happening in the arena he done a great job singing his song

  3. Not high on my favourites list at all and I didn’t think much of the performance but like Scott says he’s got the Bieber-like factor which so many would fall for.

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