Song 34: RUSSIA

(3rd in the grand final : 491 points)

Artist: Sergey Lazarev

Song: You Are the Only One

Music and Lyric: Phillipp Kirkorov, Dimitira Kontopoulos, John Ballard, Ralph Charlie


  1. Scott Parsons says:

    Ah Russia… well, the performance speaks for itself. It was truly something I’ve never seen before. I still don’t know how they did some of the effects! Absolutely fantastic performance, Sergey sounded amazing. One of the best of the night!
    I’m also a fan of his other music, so this song was right in-line with his musical style. Kudos for that.
    It sure was a nail-biter with the Ukraine during the voting. AND… there weren’t any boo’s this year. I know Russia wanted to win it, but they ought to be happy with how they did.
    I have to admit, seeing Phillipp Kirkorov and his Texas-sized hair with perfectly sculpted beard was a real treat!

  2. Vane Acevski says:

    Heard the song thought it was ok and saw the video clip thought that too was good, but i didn’t think that Russia would make it into the final, As i didn’t find the song to be strong. But i was wrong as when i saw Sergey perform on stage with his amazing act i knew that his on stage performance was strong that he will be in the final. Song 2 points Performance an 8 placing Russia 2nd in my top ten.

  3. Andrew Bayley says:

    He’s a great singer and performer, no doubt about that. But I think Russia threw too many special effects here whereas the song didn’t really need it it stands up well enough without so much theatrics.

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