1. One of the composers of this song is Mary Susan Applegate who was one of the composers of the huge hit THE POWER OF LOVE of Jennifer Rush

    1. Really? That is rather awesome, I really enjoyed that song… Okay… I STILL really enjoy that song….

  2. Help you fly but there was no flying for Ivan a poor song, But a good on stage performance with his act

  3. Not my favorite song going into Eurovision and not my favorite going out. But he’s the first ever naked man in Eurovision, so that’s something! The showed that scene on the Colbert Report (perhaps not in a favorable way, but it made it nevertheless).
    I liked the strengthened wolf theme… engaging.
    Honestly, I think they did the best they could with this performance, so kudos for that!
    I will discredit myself immediately because i liked “I love Belarus” in 2011.

  4. Not a favourite song in my opinion but it is OK, but I do always love to see Belarus’s performances and this one ticked the boxes for bizarre stage elements.

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