Just in time for the weekend reading or if you are in lockdown! Reinhard Schnitzer and Alan Turbery decided early last year to pass their knowledge and passion for Eurovision and to write a book about the 70’s.

After months of researching and designing, the time has come: here is the link to the first interactive 1970 issue, which is online from now on and they decided to make it available to everyone for free:
Please note: Clicking on the link will take you to the Desktop/iPad, Tablet and Smartphone selection screen. Of course, it is only really good readable on a PC monitor or a laptop. Otherwise you have to enlarge the pages all the time.
You should also click the full screen icon (cover).
The authors like part one very much and they hope you do too!
1971 should be released in a few months. Should you wish to order a printed copy they should have a link soon. PM one of the two writers.
Enjoy this.

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