Eric Saade releases new album ‘Det svarta fåret’

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Eric Saade has just released his brand new album called ‘Det svarta fåret’ (The black sheep). The album has seven tracks and includes five new songs written in Swedish.

The latest Glas is currently riding high in the Swedish charts and there is another single just released Nån som du (Somebody like you). This is composed with the popular duo Jubël.

Included on the new album is a big winter hit together with Anis Don Demina (who was in the 2020 Melodifestivalen) entitled Postcard.

Eric said in his press release “The name  Det svarta fåret (The black sheep) comes from how I always felt in my life. From growing up, to schooling and even in Sweden’s music industry where I always felt like the black sheep, and made my own way.  For some reason, you always write the best songs when your life is turned upside down. The song Nån som du I wrote directly when I decided it was over.”

Det svarta fåret – track listing
1. Skit för varandra
2. Postcard feat Anis Don Demina
3. Månen/Solen
4. Nån som du
5. Vill ha mer
6. Så jävla fel
7. Glas

Eric was very Popular when he represented Sweden at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and finished in 3rd place!

You can see the music videos for the three singles below (Nån som du is a lyrics video).

Source: ESC Covers; Warner Music Sweden;



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