On Saturday 25 July 2020 ESC COVERS will launch the COVER2COVER competition. In category one are 14 songs by South African artists that are covers of EUROVISION songs (actual entries or selection songs or Eurovision related because of the original artist who was an entry at Eurovision or by the composers who had written a Eurovision entry). We will list all 14 in the next days, the Afrikaans cover plus the original song.

The eleventh song  is EN EK MIS JOU by KURT DARREN  plus the original song SAN FRANCISCO by THE OLSEN BROTHERS.

This is not an actual Eurovision entry but a selection song from Denmark many years ago. It was obvious performed in Danish by THE OLSEN BROTHERS who won the 2000 Eurovision song contest with FLY IN THE WINGS OF LOVE.  After their victory they released a German CD with German versions of their biggest hits and SAN FRANCISCO was on it and Kurt’s cover was actually done on this and not on the original Danish version which sounded differently.

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