Emotional Charity Concert held in Bulgaria for respected journalist

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An emotional Charity Concert was held in Bulgaria in honour of a much respected journalist, Victoria Marinova, who sadly passed away. The concert, featuring some of Bulgaria’s top pop singers, took place at the Monbat Hall Arena in Ruse in the cause of  the Do Good For A Stranger Foundation.

Some of the acts taking part were Georgi Hristov, Presiyana & Mirela, Emanuela, Sunnah Chalakov, Hilda Kazasyan, Orlin Pavlov, Divna, DEEP ZONE Project, Teddy & Sylvia Katsarovi, Divna, Dicho, Crissa, Ruslan Maynov, BoryanaBatashova.

That this was the case, the light of the light of the viewers’ phones, which illuminated the hall during the last song – “Star”, performed by Chrisia.

All the worthwhile funds would be donated to the Do Good For A Stranger Foundation. More details can be found on www.facebook.com/NapraviDobro and TVN, where the respected journalist, Victoria, was also working as a journalist and author of a detector programme. The foundation was created in October 2018 in memory of Victoria to achieve and pursue goals to make good for many people who need help.

The activities of the foundation cannot be used for political purposes or propaganda in favour of political parties.

Source: TVN; ESC Covers – photos@R.Kolev Photography


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