Electro Velvet Performs at the UK’s Eurobash


At the UK’s annual Eurobash, one of the special guests this year was the UK duo, Electro Velvet.  They actually performed their entry and took photos with fans.

When interviewed Bianca Nicholas explained her struggle this year.  When she came back from Eurovision, she followed and read all the negative press they received.  She fought back but over time she found that it actually has destroyed her confidence as a performer.  She now worries whenever she performs and gets herself in a state that she can’t mentally break out of.  She very rarely performs now so it was a real treat for her to perform for us.  She said that true Eurovision fans have been her only redemption from the experience.

Alex Larke announced that he didn’t pay attention to any of the press when he got back from Vienna and he is actually getting ready to complete his next project.  Alex has released a solo album with a fusion of different styles and will continue to grow from his experience.  He said that he didn’t regret his decision in participating in Eurovision but just wished that the UK general public would get behind their chosen entry regardless if they like it or not.


  1. Roy van der Merwe says:

    At least they are happy that the song has been covered in AFRIKAANS here

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