On Saturday 25 July 2020 ESC COVERS will launch the COVER2COVER competition. In category one are 14 songs by South African artists that are covers of EUROVISION songs (actual entries or selection songs or Eurovision related because of the original artist who was an entry at Eurovision or by the composers who had written a Eurovision entry). We will list all 14 in the next days, the Afrikaans cover plus the original song.

The fourteenth¬† song¬† is EK VAL VIR JOU by MONIQUE STEYN & SNOTKOP plus the original song LOOSE CONTROL by WALDO’S PEOPLE.

This is a Eurovision entry. It was the entry from FINLAND in 2009. The Afrikaans cover became the biggest ever hit of a Finnish original song and sold many more copies than the original song.


  1. Anita Mann says:

    Correction: The biggest Finnish song in Afrikaans to date is Frederik’s “Ramaya” – yes, even Afric Simone’s Swahili version came after that. Of course, Glenys Lynne followed later and had a #1 hit with the Afrikaans version.

    • Roy van der Merwe says:

      Anita this is interesting – I have RAMAYA, both by AFRIC SIMONE and GLENYS LYNNE but are you sure it is a Finnish song? I have never heard Frederiks. version. On the single it shows AFRIC SIMONE as the composer and it seems he was from Mozambique

      • Roy van der Merwe says:

        Lyricist: A. Simone
        Composer: A. Simone and S. Regal

        I now went to look on YOUTUBE for FREDERIKs RAMAYA and found it. But the above is from his Youtube link, showing the composer as A SIMONE, SO AFRIC SIMONE – he is not a Finbnish citizen so you cannot count it as a Finnish song just because someone did a Finnish cover.

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