For the entire month of February, ESC Covers will take every day a South African artist/group/duo on a virtual tour to Europe. We will visit 28 countries.

Day 15 takes us to THE NETHERLANDS.  The SA artist who will be “touring” there, is ANDRE SMIT. He is happy to be the artist “touring” to the 2021 Eurovision host country and saw that their entry from 1980 Amsterdam appeared in our top 100.

Andre Smit  covered the 1984 Eurovision entry from the NETHERLANDS IK HOU VAN JOU by Maribelle. Andre’s cover is called EK HOU VAN JOU (I like/love you).

Interesting is that the Maribelle original is almost totally unknown in South Africa, and the song became known 10 years later in 1994 when Belgium star Dana Winner covered it. So the many covers of the song in South Africa are all because of Dana Winner.

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