Efi Gjika releases new single ‘Mirror’ …and behind the scenes at the video shoot

Efi Gjika has released her brand new single called Mirror. ESC Covers also got a behind the scenes look at the video shoot for the single.

Mirror is a contemporary and creative song with strong vocals. It is composed by Dilan Reka and Rebbel. The mix and recording is by Klodian Qafoku. The production is by Kliton Gjika. You can stream Mirror by checking here.

ESC Covers was present at the video shoot for Mirror. It was fascinating to see the hard work put in by the whole team to produce the video. Thanks to the video coach, Rei Bezhani, and director, The Claudia. The choreography is by Andi Murra Academy & Quest Style Crew. The video is a FullMoon Production.

Efi represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Barbie.

You can see the official video clip of Mirror below.

Source: ESC Covers


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