Efi Gjika releases cool new ‘Do The Dance’ single

Efi Gjika is back with a cool and catchy new track called Do The Dance. It is a fun track that you can be sure will be accompanied by a trendy dance  routine.

Do The Dance is composed by Ada Satka. The orchestral mix is by De Vox. The executive producer is Kliton Gjika.

Efi is consistently producing great and stylish music and videos. She is certainly made a massive progression since representing Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

You can see the official lyrics video for Do The Dance below. The track is available to buy or stream from digital stores such as Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and more.

Source: ESC Covers


One thought on “Efi Gjika releases cool new ‘Do The Dance’ single”

  1. I really like this song. Would like to see some people post videos of themselves dancing. Maybe her supporters will send in some video footage.
    I have a similar looking pants. Great style Efi

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