ESC Covers got a press release from the Ukraine and it informed us about a MÉLOVIN world premiere of the composition “Dance with the Devil”.

Across Europe, he is still remembered as an artist who won the hearts of Europeans during Eurovision, and his performance is still re-watched now. Foreign media wrote about him, his songs hit the world charts, and even the BBC broadcasts stories about MÉLOVIN. The new composition is a story about the artist’s soul, his mental state, and the rebirth of the image of MÉLOVIN. Adaptations to new conditions, unsuitable for society, have had to be made, and in the composition “Dance with the Devil” the artist has invested a deep meaning in which he reflects all the emotional states that a person may experience.

“This song helped me to cope with the problems of my mentality in the conditions of limiting my stage activity! And I’m sure it will help you too! Get up and dance! The Devil is a metaphor in the context of a condition that bothered me and made me feel bad. I’m happy to be able to share my life through music.”

MÉLOVIN is not afraid of experimentation, and defies all expectations . His bold image makes everyone talk about the extraordinary features of MÉLOVIN.

Later in 2021, the artist plans to present a video for the song “Dance with the Devil” and promises a large-scale concert in the capital of Ukraine.


  1. The song is catchy from the first seconds. I really like how the artist pulls the words, the voice envelops and carries away somewhere into space. I want to close my eyes and completely surrender to the music, dance and shout the words of the song. Losing control of myself under her and I love it!

  2. Habe leider zu spät diesen Artikel gefunden, aber !!! Das Lied DWTD ist super, unterscheidet sich von anderen seinen Songs , ist aber auch so toll und wunderschön. Mir gefällt es sehr, so wie fast alle Lieder von Melovin.

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