Croatia and Malta Second Press Conferences

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Croatia and Malta held their second press conferences of the week at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Roko from Croatia was up first. He is only 19 years old and has a great voice. He was thankful for Jacques Houdek (2017 ESC Croatia) for his help and inspiration. Roko also sang a little of The Winner Takes It All by ABBA with his backing singers.

Michela from Malta appeared to be very happy and relaxed and looked bubbly as she faced the media. She said she was happy for he X Factor experience that lead to her journey here. She also said she likes to be versatile with her music styles. She likes to sing pop, country, rock, She sang a littleof a song in Maltese that she did on X Factor and Shallow from the A Star Is Born soundtrack and also a Miley Cyrus song. She is also currently recording  more material for release after Eurovision. Of course, she still has her important  studies at school to complete.

Source:  ESC Covers

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