We will do regular updates on the COVER2COVER competition.

It was launched Saturday so today is only day 3. We have tried to inform as many South African artists as possible, but the reaction has not been what we expected. So yesterday we started contacting individually Eurovision  artists overseas and have written to 7. 2 have already replied and said they will do home lock down video. A third even already posted her video Рshe said she made it recently and since it is the exact song we suggested, she asked if she could enter it and we said yes. So just to clarify Рwe never said it had to be brand new videos. Any video of a Euro cover you had recorded since the lock down (end of March) can be entered. It cannot be a professional video. The other 4 overseas artists we have send them cover suggestions today.

Videos for categories 2 and 3 are in the planning  stages and should be available to post from next week. We have given other people a chance to do then, not just Cole van Dais who did the first one. One will be done by someone from Zimbabwe, now living here and a male will probably do category 3.

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