Competition: Win a CD single of KEiiNO (Norway)


As Norway has no promo single designed this year ESC Covers designed CD singles for KEiiNO and they were handed to them at the second press conference at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

We have one spare copy and we are giving it away in a competition. You have to answer why you are a fan of KEiiNO.

You can answer the website or the Eurovision coverage facebook page.


  1. Uwe Stäglin says:

    Why I am a fan of KEiiNO? Because they bring energetic music from the north including Sápmi to the contest and stand for diversity.

  2. Heleen de Jager says:

    I am a fan of KeiiNo because their song makes me happy and it gives me the feeling of being part of the Norwegian culture.

  3. Anthony says:

    I’m a KEiiNO fan because Tom, Alexandra are talented singers and Fred’s a fantastic joiker. Plus they’re bringing the spirit of Sámi culture to our lives.

  4. C Jordan says:

    KEiiNO were the Eurovision highlight for me and I am now a fan! Their song was unique,artistic and beautifully sung. They have inspired me to look deeper into the Sami and Norwegian customs plus the origins of the song and left me singing the tune when it is calling me at night.

  5. I’m a fan because THIS is Eurovision to me: a catchy partysong with a splash of Nordic ethno!! I wish this was the winner of this years contest!

  6. Keiino is amazing. For me the winner. I can’t stop playing Spirit in the Sky. It is so a great song. Thanks to you all.Also thanks for bringing the spirit of Sami culture to the Netherlands. I love it and you all.

  7. Gillian Barron says:

    I love the beautiful blending of modern and old, of the timeless lyrics, of the remarkable blending of three very different voices, each beguiling and enchanting in their own way. Also, I am old and dont do this m3p/download to your phone malarky and really want a physical CD to play on repeat in the car!

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