Check out ‘Tú Te Delatas’ – the new song by Danna Luna

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Danna Luna has just released a brand new song entitled Tú Te Delatas (You give yourself away). It is a song that can make us escape and try to forget the current bad times, and give us hope for the future. The song has a feelgood Latino upbeat feel, and maybe can make us think of better times ahead and sunshine on the horizon.

Danna is a talented young singer with an Argentinian / Cuban background and is currently based in Miami, USA.

She has already released several hit songs and music videos including BeautifulEsclavo de Mis Besos, Bandido, Poison, Prohibido and La Caricatura.

Tú Te Delatas is available to stream and purchase via most digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and Google Play and is courtesy of EMP Music and Production.

You can see the music video for Tú Te Delatas below.

Source: ESC Covers

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