Check out these acts in contention for 2018 San Marino Eurovision participants

San Marino/1in360

San Marino/1in360

The competition is heating up in the 1in360 online competition of who could possibly be chosen by San Marino for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Let us check out some more acts –

A favourite with ESC Covers is the talented singer Tahmina Niyazova from Tajikistan. She has submitted a video of her singing I Surrender by Celine Dion. You can see her video below.

Next up we have Elvira Michieva who is from Azerbaijan but now living in Germany. She took part in the Azeri Eurovision selection in 2010. You can see her singing the Whitney Houston classic I Have Nothing below.

Now we have Glenys Vargas & Kevin Ettienne who performed in the Sunčane Skale festival in Montenegro. Glenys was also on the Eurovision stage as a backing singer with Juliana Pasha for Albania in 2010.

Check out all the participants so far at and click on candidates.

Source: ESC Covers; 1in360


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