Check out the musical story of Christiana Loizu

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Christiana Loizu is a talented singer with an interesting background in music. She is from Cyprus but went to Bulgaria to study. Christiana liked the country so much she decided to stay there.

In 2015 Christiana decided to enter the Bulgarian X Factor and she won the show!! Now she is doing very well and has a good music career there.

Christiana has so far released two singles with beautiful video clips. The first song is sung in English and is entitled Phoenix which was composed by Joacim Persson, Sebastian Arman, Andy Love and Sarah West. The second song is performed in the Bulgarian language and is called Edno v edno (One in one) and is written by  Ollipop, Hayley Aitken and Jai Waetford.

Christiana is certainly worth checking out and listen out for more of her music soon.

You can see the videos for Edno v edno and Phoenix below.

Source: chistianax1990/; Virginia Records; ESC Covers : photos@christianax1990/


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