Check out ‘Redemption’ by Dub Revolution from Algeria

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Dub Revolution are a talented reggae dub band from Algeria. They have released a brand new video clip for the song Redemption.

Redemption is composed and produced by band member Abderrahmane Boubaya (Popay dnd). The words are by Aleksandra Ninković, who is a promising lyricist from Serbia, who is currently based in Ukraine.

Dub Revolution are Mine, Popay, Mohamed and Amine. Redemption has a unique reggae and ethnic feel with a smooth sound and a strong production. They have an international reggae sound with a brassy feel.

The lyricist, Aleksandra, is also a busy writer working on several projects internationally.

I am sure we will hear lots more both from Dub Revolution and Aleksandra in the future.

Check out Redemption below.

Source: ESC Covers




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